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Arnie is an armadillo who at first is very shy with no confidence until he finds his special gift. Arnie helps children to see they can do or be whatever they believe and helps parents to encourage them. Future books will each be on a different topic to help children in various situations. 


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Arnie Discovers…

Healthy lifestyle
Body awareness
Helping around the house
Starting school
Helping others in need

Arnie is a very sweet little chap who is always kind and wouldn’t hurt anyone. Everyone loves Arnie and wants to be his friend.

Arnie loves it out in the open rummaging in the dirt and leaves for food to munch. 


What are people saying?

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  • Arnie the Armadillo is a simple but beautifully crafted story with a warm heart. The author Claire, has created a character that children can relate to and empathise with. When I read to my girls they were completely engaged, willing Arnie on and hoping that he found the courage to discover his ‘special gift.’ As a mother, I especially liked how Arnie tried several things out before he found what was right from him. This is a hugely valuable lesson to teach our children and it is great when children’s literature supports this.
    Lisa BarryBeta Reader
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