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Hello you lovely humans, I am Arnie the Armadillo and my author Claire Capper has written a book all about me.  You will be able to get your hands on a copy in the summer. I will keep you posted about a date. I have been on quite a few adventures in the last few weeks and in this first blog, I will share some of them with you.

Settling in

I recently moved into my new home with Claire and her family. Unfortunately though, when the postman tried to deliver me no one was in. I had to spend my first night at the post office! It was cold in the post office and I felt very sad at first, at least I had my mini-me to keep me company. I later found out that while I was sitting in the cold, dark post office all night, Claire was in the pub! What a cheek!

The next day (with a little headache), Claire came to pick me up. Oh boy life has never been the same since. Claire has 2 children; Francesca who is 3 and Henry who is 1 years old. They absolutely love me, sometimes a little too much. They nearly pulled my ear off one day fighting over who was going to hold me, the 1 year old won and started sucking my nose…..gross!

I’ve been settling in well to my new home but I’m still waiting for them to make me a comfy bed, I may ask for one as a house warming present!

The next day they took us out on an adventure to the woods, I felt right at home until they sat me really high up on a branch of a tree just to take a photo, who would do that to an armadillo?

After the photo shoot we went to Nannie’s house for dinner. There were so many toys in the garden that the terrible two forgot about me and just let me chill in the sun with my mini me.

I went on a grown up day out last week to South Liverpool Bizmums where I met the lovely children’s author Jude Lennon and I had my photo taken with the famous Lamby and his girlfriend Flossy (lucky sod having such a gorgeous girlfriend)!

If anyone would like to introduce any ladies to me so I can find my own girlfriend, I am available for dates twice a week until I find the right girl.

My first book

I suppose I should tell you a little about my first book. I used to be a really shy little guy with no friends but then I was given so much encouragement to try new things (what a disaster most of them were). That was until my special gift was found.

We want this book to help every child believe in themselves and know that everyone has a special gift. Sometimes though we have to put up with a few mishaps whilst we figure out what it is!

I am going to say goodbye for now as it’s my lunchtime and I believe I am having a treat today, can’t wait to find out what it is.

I will be back to share more of my adventures with you very soon but in the meantime if you would like to follow my books progress you can like our facebook page so you don’t miss any news.


Love to you all



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