Arnie’s top 10 tips on reading for the whole family

Hello again you lovely humans, how have you all been?

I’ve not been great, the biggest of the little people got the chicken pox and I really tried my best to stay away from her but unfortunately 2 weeks later, the littlest one and I caught it! I was so poorly; you have no idea how bad it is for an armadillo to catch the chicken pox. Luckily my author had provided me with a very comfortable bed by this point so I tucked myself up and spent a whole week feeling sorry for myself. My author said I was being such a boy about it……does she not know I am a boy!! Anyway I have fully recovered now and I am spot free.

Poor mini me has been put through the mill this month. Apparently for him to be sold to other little people he has to go through something called CE testing and boy do they test him. He had to have 2 G clamps attached to him and heavy weights hung from him to make sure no bits fell off! Thankfully he passed with flying colours. He is good to go now and many more mini me’s have been created, I hope they will be well looked after.

It’s all getting very exciting as my book is all finished and in print, we have already sold lots of them and everyone loves me. We have so many book launches and author visits booked we are going to be busy bees over the next few months.

My author wants to get into as many nurseries and schools as she can to do readings and show children how important it is to read.

Do you like reading? Do you read to your children? Teaching children to love books from an early age is so important and there are many ways you can encourage this. Here are my top 10 tips to encourage your kids to love reading.

  • Have lots of books in your home suitable for everyone who lives there.
  • Allow children to read or have read to them their favourite books over and over again, repetition is important for their learning.
  • Have children’s books at child level so they can choose when and what they read. You could even have a quiet reading corner or a room with no distractions from the TV or computers.
  • Have real books, not just the kindle, so children learn the joy of turning the page.
  • Read every day with your child and for yourself. Children learn from your actions so show them don’t just tell them. This is especially important for children who don’t like reading.
  • Make books fun, use props to tell the story such as puppets, models or mascots like my mini me. Talk about the book afterwards so children understand it.
  • Visit libraries; spend a morning or afternoon reading all the different books to your children. Let them choose the ones they would like to take home. This not only teaches them to love books but also to be responsible and look after someone else’s property. It can also help to teach them to share.
  • Act out the book if possible. If it is about den building, build a den with your children.
  • Give books as gifts. Everyone loves receiving a gift so it can make the book more special.
  • Read a variety of books from different genres yourself, you may be surprised by what you enjoy.


I hope you find these tips helpful and continue to get joy out of books. I would love to hear about your favourite books so please drop me a post on my facebook page @clairearniecapper


Love to you all as always

Arnie x

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