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Hello my human friends.

I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while I have a lot to tell you. My author Claire had me redesigned, I look amazing if I do say so myself. A lovely lady called Emma from Emma’s handmade hats and more made me so I don’t only look more like I do in my book but my shell flips from dirty brown to lovely sparkly rainbow coloured. The little people have more fun with me than ever. I have also been made huge so I can be a proper mascot when Claire goes to do readings at libraries, nurseries and playgroups.

It was so exciting, my mini me and I went to a really fun group with the little people. It is called Nature Tots and is run by Cheshire wildlife trust. I couldn’t believe how much fun the children had there and it snowed for the entire time! My author made me pose for a picture in the snow (I got a cold bottom but I was brave and didn’t complain). It got me thinking about how important it is for everyone to get outdoors in all weathers.

Now a few months later the sun has been shining for weeks and it has been hotter than a lot of foreign countries…..how lucky are we!! This has meant that the little people and myself have had to be covered from head to toe is lots of factor 50 sun cream so we don’t burn when playing out. We are so lucky to have this to protect us and allow us to still enjoy the outdoors in the sunshine. We have had so much fun with water. We had to stay in the shade at times because it has been really hot but that’s nothing a parasol or play tent didn’t solve.

Playing outdoors should not be weather dependent. Adults are told not to let a little bit of rain stop them from going for a run or walk to keep fit so we shouldn’t bring children up with the mindset that they cannot go out because of bad or too hot weather.

Children are encouraged not to spend all day on computers or in front of the TV but on the other hand are discouraged to go out in the rain-WHY??

Do you worry your child will get ill?

Do you think they will not like it because it is cold?

There are many reasons but in all honesty they are more likely to catch a virus from being indoors with poor ventilation than outside in the fresh air.

What could be more fun than joining your children jumping in muddy puddles, making dens outside, crunching in leaves, collecting things from nature to make pictures with, splashing in a paddling pool, I could go on forever! There is so much to enjoy and learn outdoors; here is a list of my favourites.

  1. Learn about the seasons and how the leaves on the trees change and different flowers and plants grow.
  2. How many different types of tree can you name?
  3. What creatures can you find in all the different weathers?
  4. What is on the ground? Muddy puddles, ice, leaves, snow; does it feel hot or cold?
  5. What colour is the sky, leaves, grass? Can you see any shapes in the clouds?
  6. Children can learn to ride their bikes and scooters when outdoors.
  7. They can learn to identify hazards and change their behaviour to keep themselves safe such as when it is icy or very hot.
  8. It teaches them to be fit and healthy running around and playing.
  9. What sounds can you hear from the rain, wind, birds and aeroplanes?
  10. In the hot weather you can have so much fun with water to keep cool. We love playing in the paddling pool and having water fights….it’s always fun to get the grown ups wet!
  11. Children can also learn the importance of dressing appropriately for the weather and having the correct equipment.

Here is a list of a few things you can teach them to use during the different seasons.

  • Waterproofs, Jacket, trousers or all in one.
  • A warm fleece or jumper.
  • Hat, scarf and gloves.
  • Wellies
  • Umbrella
  • Sandals
  • Sun hat.
  • Shorts and t-shirt.
  • Sun cream.
  • Sunglasses

Why not have a look for a group like Nature Tots local to you. Not only do you get to learn and experience new outdoor games for different weathers but you also get to meet new friends (If you are lucky you may get a drink and a biscuit too).

I can’t wait to hear about your outdoor adventures. Please do tell me on my facebook page what your favourite outdoor game is.


And leave some pictures too!! J

Love Always

Claire and Arnie xx

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